Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cherry Blossoms

Spring in Washington DC is absolutely stunning! It seems like every tree is bursting with blooms. The famous cherry blossoms on the Mall are also in bloom! Here are a few shots...

(these are actually Magnolia blooms at Lafayette Park)
On Friday morning, a group of us interns headed down to the Tidal Basin bright and early to see the blossoms at sunrise. It was incredible! Someone had set up the table in the picture below along the water. It was ready for a romantic breakfast amidst the blossoms. So cute!

Every year there is a three-week Cherry Blossom Festival. Saturday I had a great time volunteering at the family fun event. Afterwards, Elena and I headed out to watch the kite festival on the Mall. There were literally hundreds of kites flying at the same time all around the Washington Monument, it was an amazing sight!

Me and Elena watching the kite competition


Lindsey said...

Wow those blosoms are GORGEOUS! And that would be way fun to be apart of all the local traditional events and festivals... i'm so proud of you for getting involved!

Ashley said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! That looked awesome! You took some great pictures! The kites are so cool! That would be such a fun way to spend a weekend!

Stephane said...

it looks so pretty out there!! i am jealous and sad that you are going to be gone all summer. enjoy it!! that is the experience of a life time.