Friday, March 23, 2007


While being here in DC, I've been really lucky to take some fun side trips. As a class, we were able to go to Philadelphia and see where the government began. It was like a true political science-style pilgramage... complete with a showing of the BYU production "A More Perfect Union" on the bus ride there, and topped off with a presentation of the George Washington impersonator during our stay at the Freedoms Foundation.

Me with the official life portrait of John Marshall. One of the true greats according to my high school history/law teacher (which I'm inclined to agree with :) )
The de-luxe accommodations at Valley Forge
All the Barlow ladies with the Ladies' Liberty Bell.
Standing on the spot where Lincoln stood in front of Independence Hall. So cool.
Me and Ben

I was also able to go up to New York one weekend with some of my fellow Barlowites. We caught the Chinatown bus and had a wonderful time in the Big Apple!

We got to go to the New York Museum of Modern Art. There was some very interesting stuff, but we really weren't sure what to make of some of it...

Ethan and Ben showing a little excitement in Times Square

In our hostel room... it was a little sketchy, but really, not that bad.
Sheer excitement before seeing LES MIZ!! (with LEA SALONGA!)

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Jason&Ashley said...

That is so awesome! That looks like you had SO much fun! And Les Miserables, that is so cool...I can only imagine your excitement!!!