Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Big Easy

In May I got to go on my first ever businesss trip to New Orleans. I went down with a group of co-workers for a couple days of conferences at the National Finance Center. It was such a great learning
experience as well as fun to see the city and try the fantastic food they have there! These are some sites from Canal Street, where we stayed. One of the most interesting things to see down there was the damage that is still there from Katrina. Driving on the highway, you can still see devastated neighborhoods that are uninhabited. They're like modern ghost towns-- it's very weird. On the drive home one day, we saw a neighborhood that flooded just from one afternoon of rain; it was a very humbling sight.
These are some sites from the famous French Quarter. St. Louis Cathedral with Jefferson Square in the foreground and an example of classic New Orleans architecture. The Quarter was a really cool place to see with all the shops and restaurants. I didn't dare wander down Bourbon Street by myself, but the rest of the Quarter that I saw was very neat.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

I was able to make it home for a few days to visit people and take care of some business at school. It was a quick trip, but wondeful to be home :) I was lucky to be home the same weekend as my friend Charlotte's farewell talk in her student ward. After her talk, I wet to see Temple Square and the flowers were so beautiful.

Probably the highlight and my favorite... fire in Provo Canyon. We built that baby with no lighter fluid!! I picked up a few skills at Girls' Camp :)

Barlowites in Provo. From the look of my face, Aaron just said something incredibly shocking and D Scott either ate something sour or just hates the flash. Lindy's thinking hard about the roasting job she's about to attempt :)
Aww, keeping warm
An attrocity of the worst kind... cinnamon bears are better than that.
I like to call this 'el disgustingo.' Combination s'more, roasted cinnamon bear, and Starburst. Proud of ya, Stephane.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whirlwind Tour of the East Coast

At the end of April, my mom came to pick me up in DC after my internship ended (well for the semester anyway, as I'm now continuing it through the summer). We had a wonderful time seeing the sites of the East from the fields of Amish country and Palmyra to the opposite end of the spectrum, NYC. The monuments of the National Mall by night... stunning.

Our next stop was Lancaster, PA, home of the Amish.
Monday must be wash day; there were lines of clothes everywhere that made for colorful displays of traditional Amish colors.
We enjoyed a nice ride on part of the beautifully restored Pennsylania Railroad.

My mom in our Amish buggy ride (and our guide who was so adorable)
Couldn't pass up a tour of "Chocolate World" in Hershey, PA!
Beautiful Niagara Falls, still with a lot of ice. Also my first time setting foot outside of the US (I'm on the Canada side here, quite exciting!)

We also made a stop in Palmyra, NY to see the church history sites. What a wonderfully amazing place!
Me and my mom in the Whitmer cabin, where the first meeting of the Church was held. It's amazing to think that room is where it all started.
Umm, yes, we're in NYC and this is what we do for hours... gawk at the American Girl Doll store. Yes, I'm 20; yes I had to wait in a line of 8 year olds to get my picture taken; and yes, I bought a new dress for my doll... which she looks pretty darn cute in, if I do say so myself.
Love of my life, Broadway. We were able to see Disney's production of Tarzan and it was amazing!! Needless to say, I loved every minute!


As of 4/21 I officially no longer live in the stake center/fishbowl known as the Barlow Center. It's a sad time, this has been the home of one of the best experiences ever! As someone far more journalistically savvy than I put it, don't be sad that it's over, but happy that it happened. I'm definitely happy it happened. Everyone
Ahh, hanging out in the hall :)
Last hurrah at Five Guys

Being Spontaneous, Yay!

So I'm doing a little catch up, but this is a little bit of what I did over Easter weekend. I had a great time going on a spontaneous roadtrip with my friend /big sister Emily to visit her cousin in Roanoke, VA. On the way down, we stopped in Charlottesville to visit Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

For most of the drive down this is what we saw... farms and fields and cows. It was very picturesque.
We came across some funny signs, but this was our favorite... Tinkling Spring Rd. :)
Another interesting sight. This truck had maybe 100 fire hydrants on it.
We had a great time hiking part of the Appalachian trail to McGhaffe's Knob. Here's us on the knob.
Emily and her cousin Mei in front of Mei's cute cottage.
Beautiful springtime! There were dogwoods all over!