Saturday, May 05, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

I was able to make it home for a few days to visit people and take care of some business at school. It was a quick trip, but wondeful to be home :) I was lucky to be home the same weekend as my friend Charlotte's farewell talk in her student ward. After her talk, I wet to see Temple Square and the flowers were so beautiful.

Probably the highlight and my favorite... fire in Provo Canyon. We built that baby with no lighter fluid!! I picked up a few skills at Girls' Camp :)

Barlowites in Provo. From the look of my face, Aaron just said something incredibly shocking and D Scott either ate something sour or just hates the flash. Lindy's thinking hard about the roasting job she's about to attempt :)
Aww, keeping warm
An attrocity of the worst kind... cinnamon bears are better than that.
I like to call this 'el disgustingo.' Combination s'more, roasted cinnamon bear, and Starburst. Proud of ya, Stephane.

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