Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cherry Blossoms

Spring in Washington DC is absolutely stunning! It seems like every tree is bursting with blooms. The famous cherry blossoms on the Mall are also in bloom! Here are a few shots...

(these are actually Magnolia blooms at Lafayette Park)
On Friday morning, a group of us interns headed down to the Tidal Basin bright and early to see the blossoms at sunrise. It was incredible! Someone had set up the table in the picture below along the water. It was ready for a romantic breakfast amidst the blossoms. So cute!

Every year there is a three-week Cherry Blossom Festival. Saturday I had a great time volunteering at the family fun event. Afterwards, Elena and I headed out to watch the kite festival on the Mall. There were literally hundreds of kites flying at the same time all around the Washington Monument, it was an amazing sight!

Me and Elena watching the kite competition

Saturday, March 24, 2007

One fantastically fabulous weekend!

This weekend was one of the best of this semester! For our Friday briefings, we went to Capitol Hill to hear from Bob King, Chief of Staff for Representative Tom Lantos; Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader; and Eni Faleomavaega, Representative for American Samoa. It was pretty incredible. We also got to watch the Senate Gallery votes going on at the time, so I saw Clinton, Obama, Kerry, Edwards, McCain, and many others. Just amazing. That night, our group was graciously invited to a reception by Cambodian Ambassador Ek at his embassy. It was so neat! There was great (different) Cambodian food and an awesome performance of traditional Cambodian dancing. Saturday, our group took a day trip to Gettysburg and Harper's Ferry. So much cool stuff in one weekend! And to top it all off, spring has sprung, along with all the daffodils, magnolia trees, and cherry blossoms. Everything is so beautiful!
This is Representative Faleomavaega and Bob King. Both gave excellent seminars about issues they're facing at work, as well as gave a perspective of what it's like to be a member of the Church in public service.
A hall in the Senate side of the Capitol. It's so beautifully ornate.Inside the office of Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (not too shabby, eh?)

Sorry, I know this is blurry, but it's the only picture I have of us at the Cambodian embassy. I think it may be blurry because Ambassador Ek's son shot Ben, our picture-taker, with his disc gun, haha.
Christine ("the giant") with the adorable Cambodian dancers.
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
The Valley of Death at Gettysburg

"An Enduring Light to Guide Us in Unity and Fellowship"
Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
This is a view of the main street. It's a small city that's been kept the same as it was during Civil War times.

The Keepers of the Cemetery/ stars of the upcoming feature "The sweet boys of summer III:The Harper Cemetery and RC Cola"

Lindy and Christine "trying" to climb Jefferson Rock

Friday, March 23, 2007


While being here in DC, I've been really lucky to take some fun side trips. As a class, we were able to go to Philadelphia and see where the government began. It was like a true political science-style pilgramage... complete with a showing of the BYU production "A More Perfect Union" on the bus ride there, and topped off with a presentation of the George Washington impersonator during our stay at the Freedoms Foundation.

Me with the official life portrait of John Marshall. One of the true greats according to my high school history/law teacher (which I'm inclined to agree with :) )
The de-luxe accommodations at Valley Forge
All the Barlow ladies with the Ladies' Liberty Bell.
Standing on the spot where Lincoln stood in front of Independence Hall. So cool.
Me and Ben

I was also able to go up to New York one weekend with some of my fellow Barlowites. We caught the Chinatown bus and had a wonderful time in the Big Apple!

We got to go to the New York Museum of Modern Art. There was some very interesting stuff, but we really weren't sure what to make of some of it...

Ethan and Ben showing a little excitement in Times Square

In our hostel room... it was a little sketchy, but really, not that bad.
Sheer excitement before seeing LES MIZ!! (with LEA SALONGA!)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fun in the District of Columbia

On Fridays we have guest speakers come from various places around Washington. One week we were able to go to HHS and listen to Mike Leavitt and his chief of staff, Rich McKeown. I was so excited because Leavitt was who I grew up knowing as the governor of Utah.

The last week of February it snowed a lot. We took advantage of it and had a way fun snowbal fight at the Lincoln Memorial.

Tatia, me, and Christine at the National Botanic Gardens.

I was able to go to the Washington DC temple with Tatia and Christine. It is absolutely beautiful!

Fun times at the National Zoo.

This was a group of friends in the elevator at the Old Post Office. It's taken in the reflection of the ceiling.

This is my excited face after getting my first package from home in college. When I was a freshman, I was the only one of my roommates who never got mail. I told my dad this and he said if I wanted mail, I should have gone out of state. Now they send me stuff :)

This is the Department of Agriculture South Building-- where I work.

The Barlow Center... where I eat, sleep, cook, go to class, go to Institute... pretty much everything

This semester I am living out my dream of participating in the BYU Washington Seminar Program; I think I've been planning this since I was a freshman. I am here doing an internship at the USDA Office of the Chief Financial Officer. I love it-- it's such an exciting place. These pictures are from some of my adventures here in our nation's capital.