Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catching Up on my Life

So I'm doing a little catch up. What else is new? Since my last post...

I survived my first semester of grad school! Hooray! I'm told continually that the first semester is the hardest, so it feels like an accomplishment it's done. This semester I had the privilege to be part of team Trofast (shout out, guys). Sadly I don't have any pictures-- actually I'm realizing I really do not have pictures of anything from last semester-- guess I didn't do very well taking my camera with me. Anyway, it was a great team and while we had our rough patches, we made it through. And what's more, we aced our final Econ project! (if you had told me that was going to happen earlier this semester, I NEVER would have believed you) Other memorable projects were taking pictures for our "Junior's Day" montage and hammering out our IHC project-- both of them-- literally right before it was due. I think more than our academic conquests, I will more likely remember the fun meetings in the "bat cave" (Scott's basement) and being inducted as "one of the guys"-- I didn't grow up with brothers, so that was an adventure! I'll also remember the hilarity that was Scott's stories... that made me laugh uncontrollably :)

The holidays were wondeful. And welcome breaks from school. Thanksgiving I spent with my mom's family. I painted a picture of a turkey for a game of 'pin the feather on the turkey.' I wish I had a picture of it... oh well. That did make me decide I need more creative outlet projects as I really enjoyed painting it and loved my little Tom Turkey. Christmas break was even better because I didn't have to worry about final projects. I also have no pictures of Christmas Day. None. Seriously, that's slacking. Early Christmas morning I helped with a service project with my family and we got home, spent about an hour opening presents and all went back to bed. This year does mark a milestone in my life-- the first year my mom did not videotape my sisters and me coming down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought us. For the record, I'm 22 years old.

I saw another musical! The Light in the Piazza at Pioneer Theater Company. It was wonderful and had such beautiful music. It definitely made me want to go to Italy! I had looked at show tickets for about two weeks. Then the second to last day of finals, I looked again, saw five fantastic seats (one for each of my family) available, bought them, studied/learned everything for my last final, packed for Christmas break, took my last final, got the best score of all my finals, and made it to Salt Lake-- all in the space of five hours! Seriously, I was impressed myself :)

So I'm now two weeks into a new semester. I was sitting in class last week and felt really excited about what I was learning. You know, that feeling where you're learning something that's not particularly exciting (in my case it was performance measurement) but it just makes you happy inside because in some weird way, it's like the coolest thing you've ever learned. I realized it had been a long time since I felt like that. So I'm happy to be in classes again that I can get excited about.

I'm looking forward to the start of a new Legislative session where I get to help again (seriously, has it been a year already?!). I'm also looking forward to days of warmth. Anyone else sick of winter? I know we're barely half way through January, but really, I'm ready for spring :)


Lindsey said...

busy busy girl! and i was wondering if you were videotaped this ;) good to hear a little about your school details since i no longer live with you! i'm glad you survived your first hard semester! you need to update more often! and i can come help you remember to take pictures anytime you need me too ;)

Suzannah said...

yay, it's so fun to here about your busy life. Sorry I missed your call. And you should definately go to Italy

Scotty said...

No matter what the rest of the semesters are like-- we had the craziness of the first semester! It is still hard to imagine we actually did ALL that we did. Forever TROFAST! Sadly the batcave will never be the same.

BTW-- thanks for the shout out! :)