Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tribute to my Grandpa

I know I have a whole lot of catching up to do, but most importantly right now, I want to pay tribute to my Grandpa Ossmen who passed away Monday night. At President Hinckley's funeral, I remember one of his daughters saying that her dad was a pretty cute old man. I have to say the same for my Grandpa. He was a remarkable person. I see his immense strength in the fact that he lost all of his family by the time he was 24, yet went on to be happy and successful. I think as a result of this, family was everything to him and over the last week especially, I've realized just how close my extended family is. We are a great support for one another-- something I think is directly attributable to my grandparents. I admire him for hanging in there so long to take care of my Grandma. My favorite pictures of Grandpa are the ones when my grandparents were dating and in so many he is looking so lovingly at my Grandma. My Grandpa was a great example of love, service, great work ethic and had a strong testimony of prayer and tithing.

I am grateful for the support Grandpa was to me as he and Grandma were there at every piano recital, every singing group performance, graduations, and school programs. He was also so encouraging of me in my education (my fellow Cougar fan!!). My favorite memories will always be of our great family parties and Grandpa reading the Bible Christmas story every Christmas Eve. I'll also always remember when I was about 6 years old and he said I was stubborn. In my 6-year-old mind, I thought this was like calling someone a bad name and took offense (thus exhibiting said stubborness). Now as I look back, I like to think my stubborness came, at least in part, from Grandpa :) We're just strong-willed. Grandpa, I love you and will miss you, but am so happy for the opportunity you have to be reunited with your parents and brother.