Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ode to a Miracle Product

How miraculous, you ask? Miraculous enough that I am taking my break between class and homework to share my news with you-- even after realizing I still haven't posted my summer trip pictures yet!

The story begins last weekend when I had a finger nail polish disaster. Disaster is an understatement because you're likely envisioning knocking over an open bottle. It was a fiasco. I'm talking I went to shake the bottle, but the lid was not screwed on, so nearly half the bottle flew out in a long stream of dark, dark purple/red. All over me, clothes, table, and the carpet (shhhh). In a panic, I tried the age-old trick of finger nail polish remover, but it really did nothing except smear the problem.

I turned to the internet for help and found a forum post about a product called Motsenbocker's Lift Off #3. It's usually available at hardware stores, so I looked up the closing time of Lowe's and was relieved I had 20 minutes before closing (for future reference, it closes at 10:00). I rushed there. No luck. Rushed to Wal-Mart. Again, no luck. My last chance was Home Depot, but it was closed by then, so I went there Monday after class and finally had some good luck-- they had it.

As summed by the title, it's a miracle in a bottle. It took the smeary mess right out of the carpet. The jury's still out on my jeans, but I'll let you know the results.

So here's to you, Motsenbocker! Thanks for a great product.