Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I love working at the Legislature. It's so exciting and I have this part of me that being involved in government really makes happy-- if that seems weird, no worries; I don't think my parents get it either.

Yesterday I was sitting in a committee listening to a bill proposed to create a special entity license plate (like the ones you see with a bus or purple heart or BYU logo). It was definitely for a worthy cause. But while the bill was being presented I was thinking 'is this the best way for this organization to garner funds and support? I don't think it is. There are many other strategies that would be much more cost-effective. As the bill sponsor ended, she gave a very compelling (but not convincing) testimony that this is not the best way to help this organization-- funding it would-- but it is something the state can do to help. Then she made the comment: "Should government be the repository for all good ideas? Yes!"

I've been thinking about that statement a lot. Should government? I would say no. It seems private business would be better waters to test. But to what degree is government already that repository? When an inventor comes up with a brilliant idea, he must patent it-- through the government.

I haven't finished thinking about this-- that's part of why I want to record it so I can remember. But if anyone has any comments, please share.

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Lindsey said...

wow look at you, two in one week, and only 2 days apart! you're on a roll!

p.s. your favorite roommate doesn't get it either... so sorry i don't have any relevant comments to make ;)