Monday, February 08, 2010

Two things today:

Number 1:
As I'm in my last semester at BYU, I am finally taking the 'fun classes' I have wanted to do my 6 years spent here. I am taking Landscape Design and loving it. The added bonus: Thursday during our break I walk into the hallway and there are buckets with a sign 'Free flowers. Take as many as you want.' Yay. I did and here's what I got... unfortunately I couldn't squeeze the Floral Design class in or it might be a better arrangement. I think my last two flower posts may indicate I'm ready for spring!

Number 2:
Lately it seems a lot of figurative doors have been opening and closing. It actually makes me excited :) My favorite: I am about 90% sure this is where I'll be living this summer....
Xiamen University in China. The MPA program is starting a study abroad program to work with local Chinese governments. This is me jumping up and down inside :) !!!


Rachel said...

#1 I'm so glad you love your landscaping design class. I want to see your final project! #2 Um, I'm jealous at your prospects of going to China. #3 I miss you, bee-bee.

Lindsey said...

following rachel's format...

#1 landscape design sounds way cool, and i can't believe you're almost done with your masters! we'll have to have a party!!!
#2 china!!! wow that would be amazing! when will you find out if you're going or not? how cool!