Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun Time

I blogged before about my "fun class" I am taking this semester: landscape design. Well I'm sad to report I have all but dropped out. Too many big projects and stuff going on. So while everyone is handing in their final projects, I really haven't started :) But I did go to class today and while lecture was basically canceled, it was so worth it because it was free flower day again! So for the past hour I've taken a mental health break and arranged what I picked up. I'm feeling a lot better :) Also, since my class was canceled, I fulfilled something on my To-Do list: I sat by the BYU duck pond for the first time. I know, it's far overdue-- like six years. But it was great. While there I also brainstormed a list of things I need to do in the next month in Provo. They include:
  • Festival of Colors (no excuses and/or distractions this year)
  • JDawgs trip with the group formerly known as Trofast
  • Hike the Y-- I'm thinking graduation day
  • Find a dress for the MPA ball. Yes, a real ball :) In a castle. Three guesses as to who is planning it
  • Trips to the creamery (much improved since there are now more than 3 flavors to choose from)
  • Sleepover in the MPA lounge

I'm open to additional suggestions of must-do's before moving out of Happy Valley for the final time.

In other news: caucuses were Tuesday. What a fabulous system and great experience. I was thrilled and enthused by the turnout and get-involved sentiment exhibited by so many! Campaigns are going fast and furiously; but I'm totally loving it. I went to the presentation by General Petraeus at BYU today. I was very impressed and am in awe of what our armed forces do in service for all us Americans. Weeks are flying, final project deadlines approaching too soon, and I graduate in one month minus two days!!!


Rachel said...

Your flowers are beautiful and yes- the visit to the duck pond was long overdue. :) The only other thing I require before you leave Happy Valley forever is that you and I hang out. So please, let's do so. Fire up in the mountains? Wait, what month are you leaving?

Lindsey said...

1) We went to the festival of colors last year, so if we go this year, you can ride with us! (Unless you already have plans to go...)
2) I also have never eaten at JDawgs, so take me with you! (Seriously, I've always wanted to.)
3) I haven't hiked the Y since I did with TrevPalm in what 2006? So I will for sure join you, so let me know when! (I'm pretty sure my knee can handle it.)

Added bullet: Graduation party!!!
You can even combine that with Rachel's for a fire graduation party!