Sunday, March 21, 2010

News Junkie is my middle name

If I had a middle name, that is. But I do love news. I've been catching up tonight on like 4 weeks of Business Week, Fortune, and The Week-- that's what tends to happen with many tasks during the Session. But there have been some notable articles so I figure this is my outlet to share (don't let your eyes glaze over!)

"Bored to Death"

"Boredome may be fatal, a new study says. British researchers analyzed a survey of 7,500 civil servants in London who were asked if they'd felt bored at work. Following up, the researchers found that by April 2009, the workers who'd said they'd been very bored were two and a half times more likely than the non-bored workers to have died of heart problems."
What's scary about this? The fact that it was a civil servant survey (sufficient cause to rethink my line of work?). AND that these researchers had to process 7,500 surveys-- I would not want on that statistics team!

"China's Garlic Bubble Hits the U.S."

"The price of garlic is up 605% from a year ago. Blame a market glut that led China to cut output by half, along with swine flu fear that caused demand for its antibiotic properties to soar. There's no futures market for the bulbous herb, but that didn't stop speculators from buying it up and further driving up prices."
Seriously? Buying up garlic? Why? Where would you put it all? I hope they simultaneously bought stock in breath mint companies.

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