Monday, May 24, 2010

Finishing Up

You know the feeling of being sick of being sick? That's me. Since my typhoid vaccine, I don't know if my immune system was just extra-susceptible, but I think I got the cold I'd been trying to stave off since finals week. At least the snowy weather this morning makes me feel a little less out-of-season.
The up-side to sick days/weeks is cathcing up on stuff... here's the post I began a couple weeks ago:

Whew. So the time period from March 19 until now feels like it lasted 3... maybe 4 weeks yet at the same time seems like years ago. So much has happened!

March 19 began the work on a new campaign. Since then, I also finished up school group projects, participated in the UCMA competition in St. George, took finals, graduated from grad school and celebrated a little, said farewells to so many wonderful friends (only after partying with an over-abundance of nacho cheese and in a castle-- not at the same party), welcomed another "niece" who will also have the nickname Gan, went on the job hunt-- though not diligently enough, finalized China trip plans like getting airfare and visa stuff done, moved home, and made it through a successful GOP convention! Some picture highlights...

MPA Closing Social Ball

Romney love at Amy & Billy's Wedding

Today I read I book that I chose! I've missed that :)

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