Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abundantly Creative

Lately my desire to be like Amy Atlas has been piqued even further (Rach, I blame/credit you for introducing the blog to me first) :) Maybe this is sufficient cause to change my career path? If it means going back to school, yes please :) I've been so happy lately to get to do a couple creative things. First was Amber's bridal shower. I pulled some inspirations from the Amy Atlas site and overall was pleased with how it all came together-- it wasn't exactly what I envisioned, but really does anything ever turn out that way?
Then last weekend, Zan invited me to for a girls' night and taught me how to use fondant. I've wanted to learn for so long. And the chance to learn from Zan, whom I credit with being my first baking teacher way back in Heritage, was even better. Here is our cake that we created. I use the term "cake" loosely becauase it's actually only about 2/5 actual cake.

(that may or may not be a measuring cup serving as a cake prop... Zan's genius idea!)


Rachel said...

Sorry/Thanks for the blame/credit of sharing about Amy Atlas. Your presentations look awesome! I love the color of blue and the pretty tiered cupcakes. And is that zebra print? Love it. That cake looks awesome too!

Lindsey said...

i'm impressed! it all looks way good! maybe i need to have zan teach me too! i don't know how to make or color fondant... only buy it from the store and put it on a cake ;) good job!

Suzannah said...

Yay! It was a lot of fun. Maybe we'll make a cake sometime that is actually made with cake:) Although the rice krispies were great too.