Sunday, October 03, 2010


Legacy. To me, the word initially conjured images of baseball legends and leaders of societal movements. I recently finished Glenn Beck's new novel, The Overton Window (I need to stop with the doomsday books and movies!) which I found very thought provoking. One of the takeaways was a contemplation of an older character who ironically was plotting to overthrow the American societal order and move it toward a powercentric, contrived order. While his end is not one I condone, his realization that despite all the money and power he had earned, the only things that are really important are his time and his legacy was interesting.

For my Grandma Ossmen's funeral, we had a service largely based around music, as it was one of my Grandma's loves/ joys. During and since the funeral, I have pondered how I consider music to be my Grandma's legacy to me because my learning to play the piano and participation in singing groups all my young life, I believe, are directly attributable to her love for and participation in music.

Over the past very busy campaign month, I have found myself resorting to playing the piano and quilting for brief relaxing moments of reprieve. Quilting is another legacy left to me, this one by my Grandma Selin. Her entrepreneurship in quilting brought an art back to not only a lot of people in the Atlanta region, but my dad's extended family as well... and me. I remember trips to Grandma's quilt shop in Stone Mountain since I was very young and remember picking out the fabric for my first "big" quilt with her.

Legacy is an interesting concept. It is awe-inspiring to think of all the things in my life that are directly attributable to my ancestors, forebears, or even peers. It's a significant part-- if not the majority-- of who I am. It's so fascinating to think that so much of who we are comes from where we come from. And thinking to the future, no pressure as to what you [or I] will leave :)

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