Tuesday, December 07, 2010

En la Onda

Social media: a fad or a revolution?

As always, take the statistics with a grain of salt as to source and bias, but overall this video is very fascinating!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Roller Coasters

I remember as a little girl going to Lagoon and my dad never going on the rollercoasters because they made him "toss his cookies." Now at amusement parks, I feel the same stomach-churning sensation on these loop-da-loops... so as a grown up, we're supposed to not be on these rollercoasters, but why then as I feel I am on the cusp of my "grown-up" life do I feel like I am on this continual roller coaster? Starting in August, I was at a high coming home from a life-changing China experience, then the realization of officially graduating, Grandma's death, and such took me to a low. September: low to high. October: chicken-with-my-head-cut-off mostly highs. November: high high to low low. It seems I've run the gamut the past few months. Lest you think I'm becoming a manic depressive, don't worry, I'm just trying to navigate this "most exciting time of my life." :)
So I set off on a job exploration/soul-searching week of fun in DC. Exactly what I needed. To share some of the fun highlights, a few pictures:

So beautiful.

Merry Christmas from the White House!

Christmas display at the Botanical Gardens

As I reflect on my figurative fork in the road, I realize how blessed I am. With a solid foundation of faith, family, and friends how could I possibly be better set up for this ride? In this season of Thanksgiving and Salvation, I feel incredibly grateful. So here's to enjoying the ride and plenty of dramamine to settle the stomach :)

P.S. If it seems like my head is in the clouds.... it is. Being able to blog from 30,000 is totally increasing my productivity.