Sunday, January 16, 2011

Because I'm INTJ, that's why.

So when I visited DC several weeks ago, one of my favorite things was Heather, Sarah, Lindi, and Connie's consistent application of their Myers-Briggs personality profiles in everyday banter. Like we would be talking about something like work styles and Lindi would pipe in "that's your P-ness showing through." Or Heather would talk about her pursuit of a certain young man and Connie would respond, "you're such a I!"

While there, I retook the test and got the same result I have gotten every time I've taken it since high school: INTJ. Usually when I've taken the test before, it was as a school assignment and while the fast glimpse I took at my profile was interesting and fitting, I never studied it in-depth... until the past few days while continuing this anxiety-ridden, soul-searching, journey of self discovery that has been the past few months. Appropos timing, yes? I thought so too.

And oddly what I've found in my search has been empowering, reassuring, and, I believe, a contributing factor to the end of my cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat phase (hooray!). Nearly every link under the Google search "INTJ" is now purple. I also found a forum where other INTJ's post about their experiences, historical figures with whom they relate, and their personality tendencies and I find myself thinking "oh my heck, you are articulating what I've always felt but never been able to explain and you feel the same way! I'm not such a weirdo." (incidentally, expressing internal insights or emotion is not a strong-suit of my profile).

Interesting fact: less than 1 percent of the population are considered INTJ-- the majority of which are men. I know that we all have felt at some point that we are 'weird,' but reading that alone I guess justified in my mind some of the 'differentness' I have always felt. Also interestingly, I am very logical (check), I view the world in terms of opportunity for improvement and increased efficiency (check), I prefer privacy to crowds of people (check), I primarily value intelligence and competence in myself and others (check), I abhor small talk but find it a necessary social nicety... and am usually bad at it (check!), my quietness is often mistaken for arrogance or boredom... but in actuality seldom feel these things (check), I am largely an observer (yep), I value organization and try to put everything into a rational system (just ask any former roommate), I am not very demonstrative of affection/ emotion (yes), I find gratification in implementing systems and work (check), and I feel satisfaction when decisions are made (hello! welcome to my predicament of the last 2.5 months).

I guess the moral of this post is, if you haven't taken the Myers-Briggs, dooooo iiiit. Maybe you're not on a search for validation and self-discovery as I am, but maybe you are. And maybe this too will help you make some sense of things (look, there goes my logical side again :) ).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Look, Grandma, it's finally done!

It has been a project about 5 years in the making, but one week of the cold bug and I was able to make some progress.