Sunday, January 16, 2011

Because I'm INTJ, that's why.

So when I visited DC several weeks ago, one of my favorite things was Heather, Sarah, Lindi, and Connie's consistent application of their Myers-Briggs personality profiles in everyday banter. Like we would be talking about something like work styles and Lindi would pipe in "that's your P-ness showing through." Or Heather would talk about her pursuit of a certain young man and Connie would respond, "you're such a I!"

While there, I retook the test and got the same result I have gotten every time I've taken it since high school: INTJ. Usually when I've taken the test before, it was as a school assignment and while the fast glimpse I took at my profile was interesting and fitting, I never studied it in-depth... until the past few days while continuing this anxiety-ridden, soul-searching, journey of self discovery that has been the past few months. Appropos timing, yes? I thought so too.

And oddly what I've found in my search has been empowering, reassuring, and, I believe, a contributing factor to the end of my cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat phase (hooray!). Nearly every link under the Google search "INTJ" is now purple. I also found a forum where other INTJ's post about their experiences, historical figures with whom they relate, and their personality tendencies and I find myself thinking "oh my heck, you are articulating what I've always felt but never been able to explain and you feel the same way! I'm not such a weirdo." (incidentally, expressing internal insights or emotion is not a strong-suit of my profile).

Interesting fact: less than 1 percent of the population are considered INTJ-- the majority of which are men. I know that we all have felt at some point that we are 'weird,' but reading that alone I guess justified in my mind some of the 'differentness' I have always felt. Also interestingly, I am very logical (check), I view the world in terms of opportunity for improvement and increased efficiency (check), I prefer privacy to crowds of people (check), I primarily value intelligence and competence in myself and others (check), I abhor small talk but find it a necessary social nicety... and am usually bad at it (check!), my quietness is often mistaken for arrogance or boredom... but in actuality seldom feel these things (check), I am largely an observer (yep), I value organization and try to put everything into a rational system (just ask any former roommate), I am not very demonstrative of affection/ emotion (yes), I find gratification in implementing systems and work (check), and I feel satisfaction when decisions are made (hello! welcome to my predicament of the last 2.5 months).

I guess the moral of this post is, if you haven't taken the Myers-Briggs, dooooo iiiit. Maybe you're not on a search for validation and self-discovery as I am, but maybe you are. And maybe this too will help you make some sense of things (look, there goes my logical side again :) ).


Ashley said...

I just took a test and I am a INFJ. I guess that is just a little more than 3% of the population. So I am unusual too! I was skeptical when I started reading the description, and then it was spot on with most of it. Kind of crazy!

Sarah Larsen said...

I absolutely loved that conversation--self discovery through Myers Briggs. But Megan, how can we be opposite on almost every category?? :)

Heather said...

Megan--I LOVE this post!!! :) I love our MBTI conversations! I think some of those characteristics came up on my assessment as well. :) I love that you just told all the boys I'm an I, so they know I'm just shy and they should try harder. :)

Rachel said...

I just took it too (I think) the really basic what I already know I am. I'm an ENFP.
I looked at a link of famous people with your personality type- what an awesome list. Mine's just mostly full of actors- I guess that's common for my type.
That's a good test. Some of the things helped me make better sense of myself.
Thanks, Gan.
P.S. are we going to see each other anytime soon? Please.

Megan said...

Ash, we are actually very similar-- I am close to borderline on the T/F! Very cool.

Sarah, opposites still attract :) We complete each other :)

Heather, that is my realization too! We need patient men and will find them! I want updates.

Rach, I think you are cut from the creative cloth and I love watching your work! I hope we see each soon! Maybe at Linz's baby shower?!