Saturday, February 19, 2011

Warning: the following images may be unsuitable for queezier readers

It took me about a month before I could look back and laugh at the experience. Then literally the day I was looking through pictues and thought about making a blog post about it, I come home and the dang dog ran away. Knock on wood, nothing will happen if I post this now. But as some of you know, I had an attempt at ambidextrousness earlier this year after an incident with my housemate, Alphonzo. My first week dogsitting was a little traumatic, but I got pretty good at using the touch mouse and washing my hair with my left hand. The good news: we get along well now. He loves to sing while I play the piano. I just don't pet him :)

P.S. I attempted to play around the template of my blog. Big mistake. I want an undo button.

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