Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Beginning

As I type I am sitting in the Utah State Capitol on the last night of the session (and therefore my internship). It's been an 18 hour day, so I'm exhausted, but thoroughly grateful for the experience I've had working here. I'm also amazed at how quickly 45 days passes! I think more than anything, working at the Capitol has reaffirmed my love for government. I find the legislative process utterly amazing-- and even more amazing that bills are passed through and governmental progress is made. I've had more insight into the process of law making than I could have imagined, and it's incredible. I feel sad that just as I feel like I'm getting the hang of working here, it's over. But that's how most things are, I guess.

As this experience ends, I'm also pretty reluctant to realize that this is it. This is the final part of my undergradute experience and that feels really strange to think I'm done. It's kind of like in two hours I will enter the "real world" -- (though I always hated when my professors used that phrase in classes). I'm sure it's no different than a birthday when you wake up and are another year older, but don't feel significantly different. Regardless, it's the turning of a page in life. So tomorrow begins a new stage ( looking for a job... joy).

[isn't the Capitol beautiful?-- picture is of the rotunda]


Lindsey said...

wow time flies, i didn't know you were already done! it's exciting though, definitely bitter sweet i'm sure. i'm excited for you though, keep me posted on your job search and where you're going to end up!

Ashley said...

I am so excited you posted again! It is fun to see what you are up to! Keep posting so I know what you are up to!!!!

Jordan and Mika said...

Hey Megan-
It is so crazy that you are done with school, I still remember the trip Michelle and I made down to Provo during your first year of school it doesn't seem like it has been that long ago. Anyway congratulations!