Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fun in the District of Columbia

On Fridays we have guest speakers come from various places around Washington. One week we were able to go to HHS and listen to Mike Leavitt and his chief of staff, Rich McKeown. I was so excited because Leavitt was who I grew up knowing as the governor of Utah.

The last week of February it snowed a lot. We took advantage of it and had a way fun snowbal fight at the Lincoln Memorial.

Tatia, me, and Christine at the National Botanic Gardens.

I was able to go to the Washington DC temple with Tatia and Christine. It is absolutely beautiful!

Fun times at the National Zoo.

This was a group of friends in the elevator at the Old Post Office. It's taken in the reflection of the ceiling.

This is my excited face after getting my first package from home in college. When I was a freshman, I was the only one of my roommates who never got mail. I told my dad this and he said if I wanted mail, I should have gone out of state. Now they send me stuff :)

This is the Department of Agriculture South Building-- where I work.

The Barlow Center... where I eat, sleep, cook, go to class, go to Institute... pretty much everything

This semester I am living out my dream of participating in the BYU Washington Seminar Program; I think I've been planning this since I was a freshman. I am here doing an internship at the USDA Office of the Chief Financial Officer. I love it-- it's such an exciting place. These pictures are from some of my adventures here in our nation's capital.


Lindsey said...

I'm so proud of you for figuring out how to post pictures!

Jason&Ashley said...

YAY Gan!! You posted more to your blog! Your pictures are so fun! Keep posting!!